History of co-working

Brad Neuberg, the guy who officially began co-working, came-up with a three part plan: first, he would work on commercial open-source projects in order to provide money for him to work on one of his passions, which was an open source; two, he would write articles for publications like O'Reilly on these open-source projects in order to raise awareness and focus on one of his other passions, writing and communicating; and finally, he decided to create a new kind of space to support the community and structure that he himself hungered for and gave it a new name: coworking.

The books which praised the concept of coworking were already published in 1628. Creative office space and coworking has gained wide attention for its innovation in concept, largely due to the amenities that keep employees in the working space, yet not in a boring office. Free cafeterias, pool tables in common areas, childcare for parents whose kids aren't school-aged etc are considered luxuries. Coworking has been transforming the way people work and connect with their community since its inception. In the short history of coworking, it has already changed the way people look at work and empowered thousands of people to start their own businesses.

Why Vorq Space

  • Ready to move in offices
  • Flexible contract options
  • Low rental deposits
  • All supporting office infrastructure included
  • Chance to be a part of a large and helpful co-working community

Who is Akshit ?


Akshit Mehta is a Law Graduate with a broad perspective of knowledge and insight. Despite his key specialization in Real Estate, he has extensive advisory experience on issues of strategy, driving performance improvement, change management, organization building and human capital development.

He continues to drive the organization towards a leadership position in the Real Estate and Construction business. He also plays the role of a friend and advisor to start-ups. While at his position at Vorq Space, he leaves no stone unturned towards ensuring that only the best plans come through. An innovator and youth icon, he implements his vision with sheer perseverance and hard work.